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Energy Saving Tips For Air Conditioning In Covington

Energy saving tips

Since air conditioning our Covington homes and businesses makes up about half of the energy bill every month, it's wise to look for ways to save energy wherever possible. The good news is that there are ways you can save energy without sacrificing comfort.

Our HVAC contractors at JM Mechanical HVAC/R are all about helping customers to save. We feel the same way you do about high energy bills, so we've put together these few tips to help you save energy on air conditioning your Covington home or business this summer.

Keep It Running At Peak Efficiency

One of the best ways to save energy on air conditioning is to give the equipment regular maintenance. An air conditioning tune up just before the cooling season starts will help your system to run at peak performance all summer. Larger commercial systems need more regular maintenance, so look for an air conditioning company who offers Preventive Maintenance Plans.

With this type of plan, you get discounts on repairs, priority placement on emergency repair service, and other perks. Make your HVAC system run at peak efficiency to get the most energy savings.

Don't Procrastinate A/C Repairs

Have you ever noticed how your vehicle's fuel efficiency drops when the engine isn't working right? Perhaps you haven't because you always keep your car or truck in great shape. Regardless, a machine that has weakened or broken parts can't run at peak efficiency. The problem part will only cause problems.

The same holds true about for your air conditioning equipment. By taking care of the A/C repairs as needed, your equipment will be able to operate at the efficiency is was made to provide you with. Don't procrastinate A/C repairs if you'd like to save energy this summer in Covington.

Use A Quality Air Filter & Change It Once A Month

Don't buy the cheap bulk air filters that do little to nothing for your air conditioner. The machinery needs to be protected from dust, dirt, and grime by a quality air filter. It won't run efficiently when it's dirty. Be sure to change it out once every month.

Keep The Condensation Drain Line Cleared

Condensation drain line clogs cause too much moisture within the HVAC system. Make sure to have your air conditioner serviced every month to keep the drain line cleared.

Upgrade The Thermostat

If you have an older thermostat, it's time to upgrade it. New thermostats let you program the temperature setting to save energy while you're away from home. Smart thermostats can actually learn your comfort preferences and make the adjustments for you.

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