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Indoor Air Quality Inspections & Services

Indoor air quality inspection contractor

Our Issaquah indoor air quality technicians have been through extensive training to provide inspections, testing, and services. We can identify many different types of air pollutants in your home or business and then provide you with the right solution.

Improper ventilation in a home or commercial building can lead to poor indoor air quality. Good ventilation will successfully vent out any gases that would otherwise get trapped in the confined space of a building. The build-up of toxic gases is not only unhealthy, it can literally be deadly.

Do you notice strange smells in your home or have your employees been complaining about the indoor air quality? Our indoor air quality services are available to help you identify and solve the problem.


Mold, mildew, toxic gases, germs, viruses, and other contaminants are unhealthy. Take the first steps to a healthier environment with our indoor air quality inspections. We find out exactly what type of contaminants exist in your home or business.

Most home and business owners assume the air in their homes is pure. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many of the most dangerous contaminants don't smell or have color. You wouldn't know they were building up inside the building.

Many homes in the Covington, Issaquah, Tacoma, and Greater Puget Sound areas require indoor air quality inspections and system installations to diminish the negative effects of common contaminants such as gases, allergens, and poor ventilation. Call our HVAC company today to schedule your indoor air quality inspection today.

Indoor Air Quality Inspections Identify:

If you are looking for an indoor air quality company in the Covington, Issaquah, Tacoma areas then please call 425-318-4822 or complete our Online Request Form.